Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sign the Petition Calling for Urgent Changes to Help Save Wild Olympic Peninsula Steelhead

Steelhead of the Olympic Peninsula need your help. Despite some of the most intact habitat in the Pacific Northwest, an explosion in fishing pressure and the highest harvest rates for wild steelhead anywhere in their range have populations in the region on a troubling downward trajectory. It's long past time for the state and tribal co-managers to take a proactive approach to conserving and managing this precious resource. A new petition put together by Shane Anderson, director of Wild Reverence clearly articulates the issues and the steps necessary to ensure the long term viability of Olympic Peninsula steelhead. Please take a few minutes to check out the petition and add your name, the time for change is now and waiting will only allow these populations to slip further into decline.

Sign the petition here:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Nations Lead Fight Against LNG Terminal in Skeena Estuary

photos by Tavish Campbell and Brian Huntington respectively - from the Vancouver Observer

A coalition of North Coast First Nations released a statement this week relating their opposition to a proposed LNG terminal on Lelu Island in the Skeena Estuary. The area effected by the terminal construction and the shipping traffic lies atop some of the largest eel grass beds in the Skeena estuary, making it a vitally important rearing area for salmon in the Skeena watershed and even adjacent rivers. They also believe that thus far the evaluation of the risks posed by the project and mitigation strategies proposed by the project proponent Petronas, a massive multi-national natural gas company based in Malaysia, have been grossly inadequate to protect salmon in the Skeena.

More information in an article from the Globe and Mail:

Add your name to a petition and voice your opposition to putting an LNG terminal on Lelu Island:

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Osprey vol. 79

The Osprey vol. 79 is out and it's generating some buzz among the conservation and angling community. In this issue are:

  • To Save Wild Steelhead, Get Rid of Hatcheries. by Bill McMillan
  • Science Shows Better Marine Survival in Wild Steelhead. by Dr. Elizabeth Daly
  • Victory for Puget Sound Wild Steelhead. by Nick Gayeski
  • Implementing Washington's Wild Steelhead Management Plan. by Pete Soverl
  • Nickel Mining Threat in Southern Oregon and Northern California. by Michael Dotson

Read The Osprey here

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