Wednesday, August 27, 2014

With Last Blast, Final Chunk of Elwha Dams is Gone

Yesterday engineers blew the last remaining chunk of Glines Canyon dam on the Elwha River, completing a 2 year removal process that began in the summer of 2012. The entire length of the Elwha River, almost 100 miles, is now accessible to wild salmon and steelhead for the first time in over a century. Over the last two years, state, tribal and federal biologists have been transporting fish over the dams, allowing fish to spawn in the habitats that are finally freely accessible to migration as of yesterday. In a few short years (depending on species) adults from this first wave of colonists will be returning to a river that is entirely free of any unnatural obstruction. While the recovery of wild fish in the Elwha is far from complete, it is already well underway and yesterday was a major milestone.

Check out the video of the blast:

The final blast of Glines Canyon Dam, the Elwha is Free from John Gussman on Vimeo.

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