Monday, April 14, 2014

Kitimat Rejects Enbridge Pipeline

On Sunday, the town of Kitimat where the proposed Enbridge Pipeline would offload oily bitumen from the Alberta tar sands into tankers bound for Asian refineries, held a referendum on the proposed project. While the vote was non-binding, it was viewed as a bellwether and the company poured significant resources into campaigning and advertising to sway public opinion in the town. However, when the votes were all tallied the town had sent a resounding message, with more than 58% of Kitimat's citizens voting against the project. While Kitimat would have likely gained around 100 jobs associated with the oil terminal, the community was not prepared to accept the environmental risks and impacts the project would bring. This is the latest blow to a project that has been a major priority for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, however the project has faced major opposition in British Columbia because of the threat it would pose to the coastal ecosystem and the communities that depend on it, and First Nations remain unified in their opposition along the proposed pipeline route.

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