Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Native Fish Society Action Alert: Comment on the Oregon Coastal Salmonid Management Plan

Thanks to our friends at the Native Fish Society for organizing another Action Alert. Now it has never been easier to submit comments to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife on the Coastal Management Plan (CMP). The draft CMP is firmly rooted in the status quo of hatcheries and harvest, and will effect 89 distinct populations of salmon and steelhead. Two indepedent science review panels have expressed concerns about the plan and its potential impacts on wild fish. Several critical shortcomings include:

  • An over emphasis on hatchery production, including a 5% coastwide increase in hatchery releases
  • Opening wild steelhead harvest on some coastal rivers
  • Failure to adequately consider or plan for future climate change and development impacts
  • Failure to consider the tradeoffs between hatchery production and fisheries supported by wild steelhead.
Please take 30 seconds and submit your comments before February 10th:

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