Friday, November 15, 2013

BC Ministry of Environment Proposed Bait Ban for Thompson River

The Thompson River is among the most storied, and well loved steelhead rivers in the world. However in recent years the population has declined dramatically and at present the population is hovering at around 1000 fish. Despite the seriously depressed state of the run, the province opens the fishery to catch and release in most year and the Thompson still draws very high interest from anglers in BC and beyond. Unfortunately, until now the use of bait has been allowed meaning that anglers can repeatedly catch fish that are overwintering in the Thompson waiting to spawn the following spring. After decades of lobbying by conservation minded anglers, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) is finally taking action, proposing a suite of rule changes that would include a ban on the use of bait, hook size limitations, and a change in the timing of the fishery such that it would be open until the end of October in all years and would be open in November and December if the run size was deemed adequate to support the extended fishery. The Ministry has posted the full suite of rule changes, and their justification for each change, and they are asking for public feedback.

Check it out and submit your comments telling MOE you support the Thompson bait ban:

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