Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mining Company Suing Province over Decision to Protect Skeena Sockeye

In a landmark decision last fall British Columbia's Liberal government denied an environmental certificate to Pacific Booker Minerals for a proposed mine in the Morrison Lake in the headwaters of the Babine watershed. The Babine is the largest single producer of sockeye in British Columbia and sustains the majority of the commercial and indigenous fisheries in the region. A new open pit mining project would have spelled disaster for the Babine Lake ecosystem and the Skeena more generally, prompting even the pro-mining liberal government to conclude the risks far outweighed the benefits. Now in what is among the most outrageous, and obnoxious developments yet, the company has opted to sue the province over their decision on the project. This represents a troubling theme in Canadian resource development, with decision making power increasingly being taken away from local governments, and consolidated in the hands of the companies which profit from environmentally destructive resource extraction.

Stay tuned for more developments in this story.

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