Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BC Statistics Show Value of Sport Fisheries

This one came across the wire at Osprey HQ from our friends at the Wild Fish Conservancy.

According to an economic review by BC Stats, British Columbia's legendary sport fisheries are worth slightly more to the province's GDP (approximately $325 million dollars), than commercial fishing, aquaculture, and fish processing combined. While sport fishing has long been an engine of economic activity in BC, the industry is all to often dismissed by policy makers in favor of other, often unsustainable economic activities such as logging, mining, and open net pen aquaculture.

The Skeena River is among the most important salmon and steelhead fisheries in the province, and on its own brings millions of dollars into BCs economy. However, bycatch of steelhead and other non-target species in commercial fisheries openings for sockeye on the lower river have raised concerns over the impact of the non-selective commercial fishery on the regions lucrative sport fishery. The report is yet more evidence in favor of reducing the impact of commercial fisheries and other industries on populations of wild fish.

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