Thursday, January 10, 2013

Crush the Barb from the Native Fish Society

Following on a recent decision by the Oregon Fish & Wildlife commission banning barbed hooks on the Lower Columbia and Lower Willamette, the Native Fish Society is calling for adoption of a barbed hook on all Oregon streams in the Columbia basin and on the coast. Rules like these are long overdue for fisheries that are more often then not targeting depressed (and often ESA listed) populations of salmon and steelhead. Furthermore, with the proliferation of catch and release and increased pressure on many streams, fish may be caught multiple times prior to spawning making regulations that reduce the likelihood of hooking mortality an essential part of the management toolbox.

As the good folks at the Native Fish Society point out, BC has had regulations requiring single barbless hooks across the entire province for two decade. Check out the link for their full discussion of the issue and a full list of citations on the benefits of barbless hooks:

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