Monday, December 10, 2012

Hearings on Proposed Cherry Point Coal Terminal This Thursday Dec. 13th in Seattle

This Thursday the Army Corps of Engineers are hosting a scoping hearing on the proposed coal terminal at Cherry Point in Bellingham at the Washington State convention center in downtown Seattle. If you have time PLEASE turn out for this. The Puget Sound is among the most endangered marine ecosystems in the United States and the last thing it needs is this massive expansion in coal shipping. Historically Cherry Point, where the coal terminal will be located, has supported one of the largest spawning aggregations of Herring in Puget Sound. Herring are a vital part of the Puget Sound food web and the massive expansion in shipping, associated pollution and the potential for invasive species coming into Puget Sound through increased tanker traffic make this project completely unacceptable. That's not to mention the global impacts of the coal industry, one of the dirtiest sources of energy on our planet that produces acid rain, and some of the highest outputs of climate warming carbon dioxide.

Please turn out this Thursday and make your voice heard for Puget Sound.

More info from People for Puget Sound:

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