Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ottawa Reaches New Low in Suppressing Science

The Canadian Federal Government has moved to strip the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island of it's credentials as an international reference laboratory for veterinary pathogens, including Infectious Salmon Anemia virus (ISAv). The lab which is run by internationally acclaimed expert Fred Kibenge, was the first to reveal the presence of an ISAv like virus o the West Coast of Canada, prompting backlash from the Canadain Federal Government and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) in particular. Since that time Dr.Kibenge has continued to collaborate with independent researchers, screening tissue samples from salmon taken on the West Coast for diseases ranging from ISAv to Heart and Skeletal Inflammation (HSMI) and IHN. He also served as an expert witness for the Cohen commission, a judicial review that revealed deep flaws and conflicts of interest in management of wild salmon and the way that the federal government has balanced the development of salmon aquaculture with it's paramount duty of conserving wild salmon. The latest move by the CFIA is clearly intended to discredit Dr. Kibenge and silence their critics, a troubling continuation of the trend in Ottawa to suppress science in instances when it may challenge their economic agenda.

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