Thursday, September 6, 2012

May the Rivers Never Sleep by Bill and John McMillan

From the Amato Books website:

Bill and John McMillan share a view of rivers, salmon, steelhead, and the Pacific Northwest. The father and son have found a common bond in rivers, and this bond is clearly reflected in their writing and photography. Few people are so enamored with the life and history of rivers and salmon. 

The essence of May the Rivers Never Sleep is the physical and biological tapestry of river time—month by month, a concept fostered by Roderick Haig-Brown. Well-respected anglers in their own right, Bill and John have spent thousands of hours viewing rivers and fish, above and below water. Their revelations from snorkeling in rivers have led to its spread as a tool of science to protect fish, rivers, and related wildlife. The essays and gorgeous photographs in this book reflect Bill and John’s lives largely spent on rivers as anglers, naturalists, and scientists—men struck by the wonder of the life of rivers. Pick up this book and be transported to the lush rivers of the Pacific Northwest—anytime, anywhere. 

In a not to be missed event, Bill and John will be doing a book signing and reading December 7th at REI in Seattle. 

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