Friday, July 6, 2012

Steelhead Spawning above Elwha Dam

A cool piece from the Seattle Times on wild steelhead spawning above Elwha Dam. With the Lower Elwha turbid and largely unsuitable for spawning in the near term biologists have been capturing fish that are congregating at the clear water outlet of the hatchery, tagging them and transporting them to the Little River. Some fish have apparently also found their way to the Little River and Indian Creek without the help of the recovery team. Check out the article from the times which also includes some very cool photos from biologist John McMillan.

Removal of Glines Canyon is proceeding faster than expected and the dam should be gone by next summer. The dam which once stood 210 feet has been cut nearly in half already with much more predicted to be gone by the end of this month when crews will be conducting a series of controlled blasts. Track the progress on the Elwha River webcam.

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