Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lake Washington Sockeye off to a Strong Start

With almost two weeks to go before the peak of the run has historically passed through the Ballard Locks, the Lake Washington sockeye run is off to a strong start despite a poor preseason forecast. The Lake Washington sockeye fishery has an escapement goal of 350,000 fish and the lake hasn't been open to fishing since 2006. This years run was expected to be a mere 45,871 but as of Sunday 31,368 fish had passed through the fish ladder at the locks. With thousands more streaming into the lake each day the run appears certain to surpass the poor preseason forecast and Seattle area anglers are hopeful that there may even be a fishery. 

The article from the Seattle Times also features some discussion of the possibility of lowering the escapement goal to allow fisheries more frequently. Sockeye are not native to Lake Washington and are descended from Baker Lake sockeye in the Skagit Basin. 

More in this article from the Seattle Times:

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