Friday, May 25, 2012

The Osprey receives Haig-Brown Award for excellence in fisheries conservation journalism and communications

The Osprey has received the Haig-Brown Award for excellence in fisheries conservation journalism and communications. The Washington-British Columbia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society presented the award on Tues., May 15 at its 2012 conference in Victoria, British Columbia.

The Osprey is a publication of the Steelhead Committee of the Federation of Fly Fishers. Published three times per year since 1987, The Osprey offers in-depth coverage on the science and management of wild steelhead and Pacific salmon. The Osprey is feature oriented, with articles contributed by researchers, natural resource managers, conservationists and others with expertise in steelhead and salmon management, politics and science. The Osprey's goal is to keep people interested and involved in conserving wild steelhead and Pacific salmon, and up to date on the latest research, management techniques, politics and opinions affecting these native fish.

The Haig-Brown Award was established in 1981 to recognize those who have produced outstanding, non-technical articles or publications on any aspect of fishery management, research, habitat protection, enhancement, or other related fields. It is presented to an individual or agency who best exemplifies the journalistic spirit of Roderick Haig-Brown’s book The Western Angler: “Hand in hand with preserving and improving the fishery must go the work of presenting it properly to the public.”

“It is a profound honor for us to be recognized with the Haig-Brown Award,” said Will Atlas, FFF Steelhead Committee chair. “The ethos of conservation and advocacy pioneered by Roderick Haig-Brown remains an inspiration to our organization to this day.”

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