Saturday, May 26, 2012

IHN Now Found in Puget Sound Fish Farms

The IHN virus has been found in a fish farm in Puget Sound prompting the farms owner American Gold Seafood to destroy more than 1 million pounds of Atlantic Salmon. In recent weeks IHN has cropped up on a salmon farm in Clayouqot Sound and has been found in another farm on the Sunshine Coast prompting concern about the spread of the disease and the impacts a widespread outbreak of the disease may have on wild salmon.

More information in this article from the Seattle Times, but it's important to note the article states incorrectly that IHN has not been documented previously in Washington State waters. There have been several IHN outbreaks in state hatcheries in the last few years including one on the Quilleyute system which resulted in the culling of all juvenile steelhead at the Bogachiel hatchery.

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