Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Elwha River Flowing Through it's Native Channel Again

photo of the former Elwha Dam site courtesy of the Elwha River Restoration

Less than half a year after dam removal began on the Lower Elwha last fall, the river is flowing through its original channel at the former site of Elwha Dam. While progress on Glines Canyon dam as been slower the removal of Elwha dam means that this summer and fall wild salmon should be able to migrate freely to spawn in the middle Elwha and tributaries. This is significant because two large tributaries, the Little River and Indian Creek are expected to provide important spawning areas for colonizing fish, particularly while sediment loads in the mainstem remain high from dam removal.

Track the progress of dam removal at the Elwha River Restoration Video Monitoring website.

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Snave said...

I lived in Port Angeles about 25 years ago, and always wondered what it would be like if the dams on the Elwha were removed. This is wonderful to see it has finally been done.