Monday, February 6, 2012

Snider Creek Hatchery Program Discontinued

Thanks in part to an outpouring of comments from the angling community asking that the Snider Creek hatchery program be discontinued on the Sol Duc, WDFW announced recently that beginning in 2014 the Snider Program will be moved to the Bogachiel and smolt releases will also be reduced from a goal of 100,000 to 50,000. WDFW will also be discontinuing other releases of hatchery steelhead in the Sol Duc, protecting one of Washington state's most productive wild steelhead rivers from the detrimental impact of hatchery introgression. In a perfect world the department would have simply discontinued the Snider program and not moved it to the Bogachiel, but faced with a challenging situation politically WDFW made the decision that minimized the impact of the program. The Bogey is already heavily supplemented with Chambers Creek hatchery steelhead and consequently is heavily pressured during the early season.

In recognition of this important decision, the Wild Steelhead Coalition is asking members of the public to write WDFW to thank them for making the right decision and discontinuing all hatchery steelhead programs on the Sol Duc. Follow this link to send your letter, it takes a few minutes and it will go a long way to ensuring that WDFW knows that they have the full support of the angling community in making tough decisions that aid the conservation and recovery of wild fish.

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