Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Help Support the Opposition to Multinational Salmon Farming Companies

Wherever they have gone in the world, the proliferation of open net pen fish farms has resulted in the destruction of wild salmon populations. From Norway, where massive numbers of stray Atlantic salmon have overwhelmed native genetic stocks to the BC coastline where parasites and disease spread by salmon farms have contributed to severe declines in salmon populations, open net pen aquaculture ranks among the principal threats to the persistence of wild salmon.

Fortunately for the fish, opposition to these environmentally destructive practices has sprung up almost since day one, and today there is an every growing public awareness of the impact of salmon farming thanks to the efforts of wild fish advocates. One individual in particular, Don Staniford, has been a constant and firm voice for wild fish and consequently he has drawn the ire of the fish farming companies he opposes. In an effort to silence him Mainstream Canada, a Norwegian owned fish farming company which controls a major stake in BC's fish farming industry is suing Staniford for libel alleging that he has made false and defamatory statements about the impact of fish farming.

Anyone who has followed Don's coverage of the fish farming industry over the years knows this is absolutely false. Rather, this is baseless lawsuit in which a company is seeking to silence one of its critics through brute financial force, crushing him under the weight of their political influence and a legal system in which a fair case is dependent on access to high quality, and expensive representation. For years Don has served the public interest as a passionate critic of the salmon farming industry now its time for us to support him. Visit Don's go fund me site and donate to his legal defense today. Even small amounts help so please give whatever you can.


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