Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bills Seeks to Help Recovery of Derelict Gear in Washington

Every year thousands of fish, birds and other marine life die because of lost or abandoned fishing nets. Despite the dangers posed by lost fishing equipment, Washington State still has a voluntary reporting system which since 2002 has only received 2 reports of lost gear. Efforts are underway to remove these deadly "ghost nets" from the marine environment, but with dozens of nets lost each year going unreported, recovery efforts are fighting an uphill battle. Now a bill recently passed in the Washington State senate seeks to aid the recovery of lost fishing gear. SB 5661 makes reporting lost fishing nets and traps mandatory allowing for their rapid recovery before they can inflict serious damage. This has been too long in coming and a similar bill died on the floor last year. The bill must now pass the Washington State house. Contact your representative today and let them know you support SB 5661.


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