Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fish Farm Industry Lawsuit Seeks to Muzzle Free Speach

Mainstream canada is suing over this image and others

Norwegian owned Mainstream Canada, BC's second largest fish farming company is suing Canadian wild fish advocate Don Staniford for "defamatory and false statements" about the fish farming industry. As the impact of salmon farming has become apparent, opposition to the practice of open net pen salmon farming has grown exponentially and public approval of the salmon aquaculture industry has plummeted. Thanks to the efforts of environmental watchdog organizations and individuals like Staniford, the visibility of the issue has grown tremendously putting pressure on a government which has long enjoyed a warm relationship with the aquaculture industry, to institute real reform. This latest move by Mainstream is simply an attempt to silence their critics through brute force, using their stockpile of corporate resources to bring a frivolous lawsuit against a dedicated, and legitimate critic of their practices.

More information in an article from the Province:

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