Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Action Needed: Rally For Wild Fish In Salem Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day for wild salmon and steelhead in Oregon. For the first time ever State legislators will hold a hearing on the impact of hatchery salmon, with testimony coming from leading biologists and economists on the subject. The hearing will give important visibility to an issue rarely debated in the public sphere and it is critical that we seize the opportunity. Not surprisingly there is a vocal minority of hatchery advocates who oppose the hearings and the conclusions they will logically draw. These members of the angling community insist, despite countless research publications to the contrary, that hatchery supplementation is the only way of achieving healthy wild populations of salmon and sustaining fisheries. This is patently false, and it is critical that wild fish advocates turn out en masse to show their support for the hearings.

Rob Russel, author and wild fish advocate is organizing a rally to be held starting at 8am tomorrow morning on the steps of the Capitol building in Salem. Please turn out if possible to show your support and help Rob and others spread the message: Wild is the Future!

Correction. Rob Russel is not an fishing guide. He is the Native Fish Society Nehalem River Steward, and a devoted wild fish advocate.

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