Thursday, December 22, 2011

Washington Department of Ecology Won't Allow Ban on Fin Fish Aquaculture

This year, citing concerns over the effect of salmon farms on wild salmon Jefferson County sought to become the first county in Washington State with a Shoreline Management Plan (SMP). With ever more evidence coming out of Canada that open containment salmon farms spread parasites and disease to wild fish you'd think state resource managers would have applauded the counties decision. Except they didn't. Instead the Washington Department of Ecology demanded that the ban on fin fish aqua culture be removed from the SMP before it could be approved by the state. Jefferson County then compiled a bibliography of over 120 cited resources pertaining to fin fish aquaculture and revised their SMP, however despite these efforts Ecology has indicated that it will not support the SMP so long as it contains a ban on fin fish aquaculture.

Anyone else think it's time for a statewide ban on open net pen salmon farms? Better to get ahead of the curve than to live with the consequences of opening this pandora's box.

More information at the Jefferson County website:


chaveecha said...

This is the most interesting and important fish issue of our time, in my opinion. And perhaps the most hopeless, given the HUGE money and political influence at play. Woe to the brave soul(s) who take on the fish-farming industry. I'm amazed they haven't knocked of Alex Morton. I guess they figure they've discredited and marginalized her enough to make her a suitably powerless foe.

Wild Game Fish Conservation International said...

Wild Game Fish Conservation International has formally recommended the immediate removal of open pen salmon feedlots from Washington state and British Columbia marine environments. WGFCI conservation positions as well as the link to "Legacy", ouu monthly publication are posted at