Thursday, December 29, 2011

Northwest Dam Removal Update

Condit Dam Removal Update from Andy Maser on Vimeo.

This fall marked a major step forward in the effort to remove aging dams throughout the Pacific Northwest, with two high profile dam removals on the Elwha and White Salmon River. While both projects remain works in progress, dam removal is already changing each river's landscape in unmistakable ways. The Condit Dam on the White Salmon came out with a targeted blast of dynamite and a flood torrent of backed up water and sediment, while the dam removal on the Elwha has been far more gradual. On the White Salmon chinook salmon were transported above the dam prior to the blast and this spring for the first time in almost a century, juvenile salmon will emerge from the gravels above the dam and follow the spring freshet to sea. Websites for each project are monitoring their progress and giving the public a glimpse of the changes that are underway.

The White Salmon Timelapse project:

The Elwha River Restoration project:

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