Friday, November 4, 2011

US Senators Taking ISA Very Seriously

Since news of the detection of ISA in wild sockeye salmon came to light in October the disease has been confirmed in three more species almost 400 miles away in the lower Fraser prompting concern that ISA may be wide spread in Southern BC. In response to the findings, a group of US Senators including Washington's Maria Cantwell and Alaska's Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich have sponsored a resolution calling for federal agencies to immediately begin testing in US waters for ISA. The US federal government has taken the threat of ISA very seriously and a letter sent by the three Senators expressed skepticism at ability of the fish farming industry and the Canadian Government to objectively monitor fish farms for disease saying,

"We should not rely on another government -- particularly one that may have a motive to misrepresent its findings -- to determine how we assess the risk ISA may pose to American fishery jobs,"

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