Thursday, November 10, 2011

Support a Wild Elwha

The FFF Steelhead Committee has teamed up with the Wild Steelhead Coalition and Wild Fish Conservancy to challenge the legality of the Elwha Fish Recovery Plan. We believe that dam removal on the Elwha is a momentous opportunity to recover wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest, a chance to allow natural recovery of healthy wild populations in a largely pristine watershed. Given this opportunity we cannot sit by and allow a plan which calls for the release of nearly 4 million hatchery salmon and steelhead to go forward, particularly when that plan was never subject to formal public review or any independent scientific review. We cannot do this without your support, and the Wild Fish Conservancy is in the midst of a campaign to raise funds to support the lawsuit. Please visit their website today and support the cause, the future of the Elwha hangs in the balance.

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