Monday, November 14, 2011

NOAA's Technical Recovery Draft for Puget Sound Steelhead Available Online

Since the listing of Puget Sound Steelhead in 2007, NOAA has been actively working to develop historical baselines which will allow for the evaluation of extinction risk and recovery planning in the Puget Sound Distinct Population Segment (DPS). Central to completing that task was the formation of the Technical Recovery Team (TRT) a group of scientists representing many of the state, local and federal agencies involved in steelhead management in Puget Sound.

Their draft titled, Identifying Historical Populations of Steelhead Within the Puget Sound Distinct Population Segment, attempts to identify demographically independent populations within the Puget Sound and will provide the foundation for recovery planning. Demographically independent populations are basically populations of steelhead with shared traits such as georgraphic distribution, entry timing, etc. So for example, Deer Creek summer run steelhead may be considered a demographically independent population for the purpose of the TRT.

It's a long document which brings together a wealth of information on steelhead life histories, population and genetic structure, migration timing, habitat use and historic documentation and is well worth the read. Check it out at NOAA's website:

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