Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Elwha In Science Magazine

Last week Science Magazine, a leading publisher of science journalism printed an excellent article on the Elwha Dam removal. The article discusses some of the specific research that is ongoing in the Elwha with quotes from many of the scientists involved about their expectations for the recovery of fish populations and the Elwha ecosystem, and places the project within the larger context of dam removals around the country. The author also touches on the issue of hatcheries with a great quote from Jack Stanford on the way that managers have used concerns over high sediment loads as a justification for hatchery intervention.

Dam removal is ongoing on the Elwha, and the FFF Steelhead Committee has joined with the Wild Fish Conservancy, the Wild Steelhead Coalition and the Conservation Angler in a lawsuit seeking a more robust scientific review can objectively examine the role of hatcheries in the recovery and develop an adaptive management plan which includes measurable recovery objectives and a time line for ending hatchery supplementation in the basin. The Elwha affords a unique opportunity to allow for a natural recovery of wild salmon in a pristine ecosystem, setting the bar for other recovery projects throughout the region.


Paul Huffman said...

Can't view the pdf in the link. Says file damaged.

Osprey said...

hmm, its working for me. sorry you can't see the link. If you want a copy sent to your email let us know at ospreysteelhead@gmail.com