Monday, October 31, 2011

Awesome Time Lapse of Condit Dam Removal

Explosive Breach of Condit Dam from Andy Maser on Vimeo.

Check out this fantastic time lapse video from last weeks dam removal on the White Salmon. The Video was put together by Andy Maser who's been providing regular updates on the progress at the White Salmon Timelapse blog. The video highlights the amazing erosive power of water and gravity. Only a matter of hours after the dam removal the river had transported a tremendous amount of the trapped sediment seeking its original channel. The river has alot of work to do before the sediment supply and the transport capacity of the stream are in equilibrium and until then the lower White Salmon will be a very muddy place but the coming winter rains will go a long way towards moving all the trapped silt out, and chances are by spring the river will really be starting to take shape immediately above the dam.

Two years ago Hemlock Dam was removed from nearby Trout Creek, a tributary of the Wind River. Today the creek looks remarkably natural in the reach that just two years ago was a lake.
This photo was taken in June 2010 less than one year after dam removal was completed.

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