Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two Video's on the Elwha Recovery

Two interesting videos on the Elwha Recovery.

The first is a short film describing the operations at the new lower Elwha weir. The weir is the largest of its kind south of Alaska and will provide biologists the opportunity to closely monitor the recovery of salmon and steelhead in the system.

Elwha River Fish Weir from John Gussman on Vimeo.

The second is a trailer for an upcoming film called "The Opus of Dick Goin". Goin is a long time Olympic Peninsula resident and is one of the few surviving resident's of the area who remembers the Elwha and its fish in the years immediately following the dam construction and before hatchery programs began. In those days the Elwha was still remarkably productive, even with 90% of it's habitat blocked by the dams. Since then the long term effects of the dams on habitat in the Lower River and hatchery programs intended to mitigate for the lost habitat have led to a decline in the abundance and diversity of wild salmon in the watershed. Remarkably all five species of salmon as well as winter and summer steelhead remain in the river, poised to recovery once they're given the opportunity. Dam removal starts this month, and it can't happen soon enough.

Elwha Unplugged: The Opus of Dick Goin from Greg OToole on Vimeo.

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