Thursday, July 21, 2011

As Cohen Commission Prepares to Reconvene, Controversy at DFO

The Cohen Commission is getting set to reconvene for another round of hearings and before they've even started a controversy has erupted within DFO. A leaked 2003 memo shows internal conflict over DFO's leading salmon farming cheerleader, Dick Beamish's "shoddy science" and his boisterous, illogical support for the salmon farming industry. In the memo, well respected DFO scientist Dr. Brent Hargreaves indicates his strong disapproval of some of the research being done by Beamish and other DFO colleagues saying,

"The research on sea lice that has been conducted by Beamish has been strongly and widely criticized in both the scientific community and the public media...I think to a large degree it was the inadequacies of Beamish's research and conclusions that led to the lack of public confidence in DFO science"

Sadly in the years since the memo was written the problem has gotten worse. DFO and the BC government continue to hide critical information from the public about the impact salmon farms are having on the regions wild salmon. With the Cohen Commission about to turn its sights to aquaculture it looks like things could get interesting. More information in the Common Sense Canadian:

and from Alexandra Morton:

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