Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Weekly Action List 6/15/2011

Please take a few minutes to comment on these important issues

Snider Creek Hatchery Comments:
WDFW is accepting comments on the future of the Snider Creek hatchery on the Sol Duc. The contract between the state and the Olympic Peninsula Guides Association expires this year and the state is currently deciding whether or not to renew the program. Email comments to or follow the link to a letter we've written with the Native Fish Society, fill in your name and address and press send. Comments due June 30th.

HR 2060 Threatens Upper Deschutes Recovery: HR 2060 which establishes guidelines for water allocation in the Crooked River basin threatens to undermine fish passage efforts in the Upper Deschutes by failing to provide minimum instream flows for fish in the Crooked. More information in this press release from the Native Fish Society. Contact your congressman ASAP and tell them not to adopt HR 2060 without significant improvements in the amount of water allocated to threatened fish in the basin.

Open Net Pen Salmon Farms are NOT sustainable: The world wildlife fund is in the process of updating their sustainable aquaculture standards. Among the proposals is to add open net pen salmon farming to the list of sustainable aquaculture products. This is clearly not the case. Salmon farming and the associated diseases and parasites have devastated wild salmon and trout throughout the world and must not be certified sustainable. In the fight for improved salmon farming practices tt is critical that consumers are aware of the impacts of the industry. Sign a petition telling the WWF not to certify farmed salmon:

Not Another Fish Farm in Clayoquot

Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island's West Coast is blessed with some of the most pristine watersheds in the region and salmon populations are collapsing. Many believe that fish farms in the area are responsible and the highest farm densities in BC are found in Clayoquot. Despite the impact of salmon farms on wild salmon populations the BC government is considering allowing another fish farm tenure at Plover Point. Comment through June 18th on the proposal and tell the BC government no more fish farms in Clayoquot.

Protect the Green River from Mining:
The Green River in Washington's Cowlitz county was recently ranked the 6th most endangered river in the United States because of a proposed mine in the watershed. The Green is the largest tributary of the North Fork Toutle and has been a critical refuge for spawning salmon and steelhead since the eruption of Mt St Helens. Visit American River's website and learn how you can help protect the Green.

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