Thursday, June 9, 2011

Open Net Pen Salmon Farming Is NOT Sustainable

The World Wildlife Fund is in the process of reviewing their aquaculture sustainability standards and some in the salmon farming industry are pushing to have their product deemed sustainable. Throughout the world, open net pen salmon farming has wrought havoc on marine ecosystems and local populations of wild salmon. In BC, parasites and disease have devastated wild stocks causing upwards of a 98% decline in a single generation of Broughton Archipelago pink salmon. Salmon farms and the parasites and disease they spread to local wild populations are also increasingly being implicated in huge declines in Fraser Sockeye and many other stocks throughout Southern BC. Certifying farmed salmon as sustainable makes a mockery of the notion of sustainability and flies in the face of sound resource management principles and sustainable development. Until salmon farms are moved onto land they can absolutely not be deemed sustainable. Sign a petition telling WWF not to certify farmed salmon

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