Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hatchery Fish Back in the Wind? Terrible Idea

An article in the Columbian today reports on some of the comments WDFW received at a recent regional fisheries meeting it held on the management of the Wind River. The Wind in the Columbia Gorge has not received hatchery plants since 1998 when the wild population dipped to a record low of 320. Since then the population has gradually recovered and has been the centerpiece of WDFW's recovery efforts in the Columbia Gorge. At the meeting several individuals called for resuming hatchery plants in the Wind. This can absolutely not happen. The Wind is among the few rivers in Washington State which does not receive hatchery steelhead and is a tremendous example of how wild steelhead can benefit from the elimination of hatchery releases. How serious the threat is remains to be seen but it is critical that the conservation community remain vigilant and protect this precious river.

More information in the Columbian:

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Anonymous said...

According to the growth in the native run over the past few years, this would be one of the few bright spots in fisheries management in the state of Washington, which amounts to basically doing nothing and letting natural river recover with a few habitat improvements. To screw this up so a few locals can go stone age on hatchery fish? Idiocy! Will hatchery technology ever be viable at recovering sustainable fisheries? Not with current knowledge, they're just another bureaucracy perpetuating themselves.
Locals, many of you grew up with a fishing mindset that doesn't work for sustainable rivers. Help your kids enjoy hunting a better quality fish, and releasing them!