Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Canadian MP Fin Donnelly Resubmits Bills to Protect Wild Salmon

Fin Donnelly a BC representative to the Canadian parliament reintroduced two bills last week that seek to protect BC's wild salmon resources. The first is a bill that would stop a proposal to pipe oil from the Alberta Tar Sands over the Fraser, down the Skeena before loading it onto oil tankers and shipping it down BC's Central Coast. The project poses a tremendous threat to three of British Columbia's most important salmon bearing ecosystems and a spill would have disastrous long term affects on the regions ecological and economic health. Donnelly's bill would legislate a ban on super tanker traffic up and down the BC coast.

The second bill titled the Wild Salmon Protection Act would require salmon farms in BC to transition to land based closed containment technology. Industry advocates have long argued against such a bill however the evidence that salmon farms have a tremendous detrimental impact on wild populations is overwhelming.

More information in the Common Sense Canadian:

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