Monday, June 6, 2011

Bill Seeks to Increase Effectiveness of Federal Salmon Spending

Last week congressmen Jim McDermott and Tom Petri along with 10 cosponsors introduced a bill to the House of Representatives that seeks to provide congress and federal agencies with timely scientific and economic information on how to best spend salmon restoration dollars. Among the stated goals of the bill is to restore Columbia River salmon to sustainable, harvestable levels while simultaneously increasing investments in renewable energy and an improved freight transportation system. On the Snake McDermott said all options must be on the table including the removal of the four lower Snake dams and that, "The time to act is now. Billions of public and private dollars have been spent on failed recovery projects that put politics over sound science. Failing to act would further jeopardize our struggling salmon populations that provide thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in economic benefit for the nation".

With the federal government spending millions of dollars annually to recover ESA listed salmon on the Columbia and Snake House Republicans are increasingly concerned that restoration dollars are achieving very little on the Columbia and are looking for alternatives that will prove less expensive and more effective in the long run.

More information in this Press Release from Save our Wild Salmon

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