Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More on Clayoquot Salmon Farming

Great video from the Common Sense Canadian documenting the research being led by the Wild Fish Conservancy in Clayoquot Sound. WFC has been leading research to understand recent catastrophic declines in the pristine watersheds of the area. Now Mainstream Canada has a proposal to build yet another 56 acre salmon farm. Salmon farms are known to take a substantial toll on wild populations through the transmission of parasites and disease from farmed fish to wild juveniles and adults prompting fish advocates and wide range of objective scientific observers to conclude that the industry must move onto land if it seeks a sustainable future. Building yet another salmon farm in Clayoquot Sound, already home to some of the highest densities of salmon farms in the region is a terrible idea in light of recent trends in wild salmon populations in the area and the mounting evidence that salmon farms are at least partly responsible. Check out this video and then submit comments telling the BC government to stop the project from going forward until the impact of salmon farms in the Clayoquot is better understood.

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