Monday, April 4, 2011

Portland Group Wins 10,000 Dollars for Restoration

The Johnson Creek Watershed Council was recently awarded 10,000 dollars as a part of an initiative by MillerCoors in cooperation with the Portland based non-profit RiverNetwork to support their work cleaning up and restoring Portland's Johnson Creek. The group has set a larger goal of raising $275,000 for a salmon restoration project and the money puts them that much closer to achieving that. Matt Clark, the groups executive director says they're withing about $65,000 of their total fundraising goal and that they expect to reach it by this summer. The plan is to improve habitat where Johnson Creek meets the Willamette restoring six acres of riparian forest and installing 16 large woody debris structures along a quarter mile of the stream.

check out the Johnson Creek watershed council here for more information and opportunities to get involved:

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