Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Federal Government Falls Short on Protecting National Forests, Take Action and Demand Better Regulations

The federal government is in the process of updating the laws which govern the use of National Forest lands, something which occurs extremely infrequently. The current regulations have been on the books since 1982 and updating the rules provides a tremendous opportunity to strengthen protections for federally managed forests and watersheds. Unfortunately the rules put forth by the Obama administration fall well short of that goal and in many ways are a step back from the the 1982 regulations. National forests include many of our most important salmon bearing watersheds, 193 million acres to be exact. The regulations as currently proposed fall short in a number of ways, specifically they do not provide clear criteria for watersheds that warrant protection and restoration, fail to ensure 100 foot stream buffers from logging, and lack clear guidelines for what activities may take place on publicly owned lands. Visit Earthjustice's website and comment on the proposed plan today, because we can't afford to spend the next 30 years living with inadequate protection for National Forest lands and the rivers which flow through them.

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