Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring Chinook Run Underway, Managers Cautious

With spring Chinook already beginning to trickle into the lower Columbia managers and fishermen are gearing up for what is expected to be an average season. This season's run forecast is for 198,000 springers, however given the inaccuracy of recent run forecasts managers are choosing to air on the side of caution planning for a return of approximately 130,000 fish. That means that managers must manage harvest allocation more tightly and fishery openings are expected to be shorter this year in order to keep catch of endangered up river chinook to a minimum. Last year 470,000 spring Chinook were expected, 315,000 showed up. Anoter 100,ooo fish are expected back to the Willamette system this spring. More information in the latest Northwest Fishletter:


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