Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's Get Derelict Fishing Gear out of Washington's Waters

Every year derelict gear, and ghost nets kill thousands of fish, birds, crabs and other marine life in Washington's waterways. Efforts are underway to find and remove these lost nets but the process is costly and only so much can be done, that's why an effective reporting system is essential. Currently Washington State has a voluntary reporting system for lost fishing gear and since its implementation in 2003 only two nets have been reported. Quick and accurate reporting of lost fishing gear is absolutely critical if it is to be recovered before inflicting damage to marine life. The bill is currently under consideration in the Senate Rules Committee however SB 5661 must get out of committee by 5:00 PM March 7th or it is dead for this legislative session. Email your senator now and ask them to bring SB 5661 to the floor for a vote.

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