Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wild Steelhead on the Menu

Over the last week and a half we've been compiling a list of restaurants and grocers that are currently selling wild steelhead. Thanks to all the readers who emailed us. This list is far from complete but that highlights the fundemental problem, we will never be able to contact every restaurant that could be buying wild steelhead. Instead the problem needs to be addressed at its source, but until WDFW gets serious about ensuring that stocks with active commercial fisheries meet their escapements it is critical that we work to raise awareness in the seafood industry about the plight of wild steelhead. Below is a long list of establishments, starting with Key City Fish, the distributor who is currently supplying steelhead to most of the restaurants below. We've also included the email contact information for the Monterey Bay Aquarium's seafood watch program.

email them at: and tell them steelhead should be added to the list of unsustainable seafood.

Please take the time to contact as many of these establishments as possible and remember a respectful, well thought out email will go a long way towards starting a constructive dialog.

Also, ALOT of these establishments can be found on facebook. A quick update on their wall with a link to the information is an invaluable way of alerting them to the situation.

For a sample letter and some talking points see our older posts:


The List


  • Key City Fish. Email:
  • ProFish, Washington DC. phone: 202-529-3003 email:
Grocers and Fish Market
  • City Fish Company (At Pike Place Market). Phone: 206-682-9329. Email:
  • Berkeley Bowl, Berkeley CA
  • Race Street Market, San Jose CA. Phone: 408-294-6161 Email:
  • Boston Harbor Fish Market . Phone: 360-357-5670 Email:
  • Olympia Seafood, Olympia WA. Phone: 360-570-8816, Email:
  • Lark Creek Restaurant Group, CA. Phone: 415-655-7600 Email:
  • Seasons and Regions, Portland. Email:, phone: 503-244-6400
  • Brasserie Pascal, Newport Beach. Email:, phone: 949-640-2700
  • Marzano, Oakland. Email:, phone: 510-531-4500
  • Castle Key Restaurant, Port Townsend. phone: 360-379-1990, Email:
  • Teatro Zinzanni Dinner Theater, Seattle WA. Phone: 206-802-0011 Email:
  • Bayview Restaurant, Port Townsend. Phone: 360-385-1461.
  • Eureka Grill, Surprise AZ. Phone: 623-374-4409.
  • Agate Pass Cafe, Suquamish WA. Phone: 360-930-0911, Email:
  • Pike Street Fish Fry, Seattle WA. Phone: 206-329-7453.
  • Boathouse Sushi, Santa Rosa CA. Phone: 707-546-7153. Email:
  • Ice Axe Grill, Government Camp OR. Phone: 503-272-3172
  • Bread and Ink Cafe, Portland OR. Phone: 503-239-4756
  • Absolutely Fresh Seafood, Omaha NE.
  • Flying Fish Restaurant, Seattle WA. Phone: 206-728-8595 Email:
  • Bisato, Seattle WA. Phone: 206-443-3301.
  • Travolata, Seattle WA. Phone: 206-588-0030 Email:
  • Gubanc's Pub, Lake Oswego OR. Phone: 503-635-2102 Email:

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ZYDECO said...

After a complete review of all the information about wild steelhead, ZYDECO kitchen & cocktails has stopped selling wild steelhead on our menu. As the owner I feel it is important to understand the impact our restaurant can have on the environment and it's resources. I thank everyone for bringing this issue to my attention. Thanks Steve