Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Action List 2/14/2011

Please take a few minutes to make your voice heard on these important issues.

Central Valley Salmon Under Attack. A rider to the House appropriations bill proposes to gut protections for ESA listed salmon and delta smelt in the Central Valley and block the implementation of the BiOp. Write your congressman and tell them to defend the ESA and wild salmon in the Central Valley.

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Washington's Senators obstructing progress on the Snake River. In a revealing editorial in Sunday's Oregonian, author Paul VanDevelder delves into the behind the scenes role Gary Locke, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray have played in obstructing progress on Snake River Dam removal. It's time for Washington's Senators to stand up for wild salmon rather than industry lobbies. Write President Obama, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and tell them we want a free flowing Snake River.

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Steelhead OFF the Menu! We've compiled a list of restaurants, grocers and seafood vendors currently selling wild steelhead. Please take the time to call, email or visit these businesses and ask them to stop serving wild steelhead.

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Save the Fish and Wildlife Commission. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is far from perfect but a proposal to merge the department with two other agencies and take power away from the fish and wildlife commission wont make things any better. The commission has the power to hire and fire the director, putting that power in the hands of the Governor would further politicize fish management in Washington State.

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Wild Fish First on the Sandy. The Sandy River near Portland Oregon is home to listed Chinook, Coho and Steelhead. Despite millions of dollars invested in habitat recovery and dam removal in the basin over the last decade ODFW continues to treat the watershed like a hatchery raceway and wild stocks slide further into decline. As recently as the 1980s the Sandy saw returns of more than 4000 winter steelhead per year, today the run is only about 1000 fish and continues to decline. Visit the Native Fish Society's website to tell ODFW, put wild fish first on the Sandy.

More Delays for Condit Dam? Condit Dam on Southwest Washington's White Salmon River has blocked wild salmon and steelhead for more than 97 years. It has been scheduled for removal since 2006 but a series of delays have pushed the the removal back until this fall. Now the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is threatening to delay the project again. Write them and tell them how important this project is for our region and for wild salmon. Enough waiting, Condit Dam must come out in 2011.

Protect Puget Sound From Oil Spills. Each year more than 15 billion gallons of oil are shipped through the Puget Sound however government agencies are woefully unprepared to address the possibility of a spill. Sign People for Puget Sound's Petition asking Washington State legislators to provide better funding and regulations to ensure that a catastrophic oil spill never occurs in the Sound.

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