Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Oregon Bills Propose Restarting Non-native Summer Run Plants

Two bills, SB 643 and SJM 16 currently under consideration in the Oregon state senate are proposing that ODFW initiate summer run steelhead hatchery programs on the Molalla and Little North Fork Santiam. Summer run steelhead are non-native to both the Santiam and Molalla and this is a bad idea. The Molalla is currently managed as a wild fish river and has been one of the bright spots in the recovery of ESA listed steelhead in the Willamette system. ODFW researcher Kathryn Kostow has shown that non-native summer steelhead programs depress the productivity of wild winter steelhead. Given the abundance of other summer steelhead hatchery programs in the area there is absolutely no need to further jeopardize wild winter steelhead recovery in the Molalla and Little North Fork.

The language of the two bills:

See the Kostow paper here:

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