Saturday, February 12, 2011

Central Valley Salmon Under Attack

A rider in the House appropriations bill is proposing to gut ESA protections for wild salmon and delta smelt in the Central Valley and block the implementation of the BiOp. More information in yesterdays post.

We've drafted a letter which can be sent to your congressional representative. Please write them today and tell them not to allow this sort of backhanded attack on the ESA.

Find your Representative:

The Letter:

I am writing you regarding a rider in HR1 which would effectively gut ESA protections and recovery measures for Central Valley salmon. Sneaking this type of legislation into the appropriations bill is a backhanded and deceptive tactic which seeks to undermine a decade of science and recovery efforts on behalf of Central Valley salmon. I’m sure you agree that ESA mandated protections for endangered species are worth defending. Please ensure that section 1475 of HR1 does not become law.


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