Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Report Identifies Snake and Sacramento Among Ten Most Endangered Ecosystems in America

Last week a coalition of biologists and conservation organizations released a report highlighting the United States' 10 ecosystems most endangered by climate change. Not surprisingly, among the two most endangered ecosystems were the Snake River and the Sacramento River and Delta. Both watersheds are home to multiple ESA listed species, including salmon and steelhead and both have fallen victim to dam construction, water diversion and other industrial river uses. The report highlighted conservation issues in each ecosystems and outlined actions which will be needed to restore each ecosystem. Among the recommendations for the Snake was removing the four Lower Snake River dams which would hasten the passage of juvenile salmon to the sea, reduce thermal stress on migrating adult salmon and open up 140 additional miles of free flowing Snake River. In the San Francisco bay ecosystem water diversions are identified as the major barrier to recovery. See the report here:


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