Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ray's Does Right by Wild Steelhead

After a flurry of emails and discussion Ray's has chosen to stop serving wild steelhead on their menus altogether. Peter Birk their excutive chef contacted us today and informed us of their decision. Thanks Rays for your willingness to listen and your commitment to sustainable fisheries and wild steelhead. I imagine there are alot of hungry steelhead lovers out there...


chaveecha said...

Getting it done in WA!!

River Keeper said...


My consuting team visits seattle and redmond 6-7 times per year. After learning of this development through the spey pages and your blog, I have sent a hand-written letter to Peter thanking him for his advocacy, congraulating him on earning 6 new patrons plus our clients--when we come to town. Since I pay the check; I usually get to pick. I also left him and his boss a voice mail.

Thanks for keeping this visible. Wild steelhead have many friends across the globe.

Ken Crowne aka "speyday"
Illinois Steelheaders