Monday, January 24, 2011

Condit Dam Removal Faces Another Delay

Originally slated for removal in 2006, it looks like the removal of Condit dam on the White Salmon River will be delayed for yet another year. The project had been delayed by unusually high levels of mercury trapped in the sediments behind the dam however permits obtained from the Washington Department of Ecology cleared the way for removal to begin in 2011. Now according to legal briefs filed by PacifiCorp (the dams owner) indicate the project may be delayed yet another year because of new requirements from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). After years of hard work by the PacifiCorp and WA DOE the new requirements from FERC appear to threaten the future of the dam removal project.

Enough is enough, this project has already been delayed far too long by bureaucratic hangups. Lets cut the red tape and get to work. Above Condit are 30 miles of unused habitat which once supported winter and summer steelhead, spring and fall Chinook, and coho. Despite the morass of regulatory bog downs these projects are actually relatively simple and can be completed much faster. For a perfect example one needs to look no further than Gold Ray dam which this fall was removed using stimulus funds. The project took about one year to complete from proposal to removal. If you're as frustrated about the seemingly endless number of delays to the Condit Dam removal project check out FERCs website and their Northwest Regional Office

More information in an article from the Columbian:


Susan Hollingsworth said...

Good to see other blogs use their voice to spread information about Condit. Agreed, a bit frustrating with more roadblocks popping up. However, I was a bit dissapointed with the article from the Columbian you linked to. I thought the journalist just wanted hype and using that "another year" drama to get it. I write for the Wet Planet blog, The Eddy Line and wrote an article in response.

Osprey said...

Thanks Susan for the link to the article. It provided alot of clarification on the backstory to the potential delay and it sounds as though everyone is acting in good faith. I will post the story on the Osprey front page.