Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Big Oil Mega Loads to Impact the Lochsa

The Lochsa River is one of the largest tributaries of Idaho's Clearwater River, it is federally designated as a wild and scenic river and supports many of the Clearwater's remaining wild steelhead and chinook salmon. Now big oil companies, led by Exxon Mobile have proposed to permanently alter Highway 12 which runs along the Lochsa in order to ship massive loads of industrial equipment from Korean manufacturers to the Alberta Tar Sands. Highway 12, a scenic byway and the route of the Lewis and Clark expedition cuts through some of the most beautiful and rugged terrain in the region. The proposed shipping traffic would permanently alter the highway corridor to facilitate megaloads up to 500,000 pounds and will open the floodgates for increased truck traffic along the Lochsa River corridor. Despite the long term impacts of the project the oil companies and an attorney for the Idaho Department of Transportation are recommending the project go forward without first conducting an environmental impact statement. Given the scope of the project and the sensitive nature of the habitat and fish populations on the Lochsa this is extremely inadvisable. More information at the All Against the Haul website:


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