Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Act Now and Stop The Destruction of Coos Bay

The Oregon Department of State Lands is accepting comments through today on a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal to be located in Coos Bay Oregon. The natural gas pipeline and associated infrastructure pose a major threat to the habitat and ecology of the bay and it is critical that permits not be granted. The dredging alone required to accomodate the natural gas shipping would significantly impact the bays ecosystem by removing enough sediment to fill 14 Rose Bowls. Coos bay provides important habitat for chinook salmon, cutthroat and ESA listed coho as well as a huge variety of birds and other coastal species. Furthermore the proposed route of the pipeline will cross six major rivers and poses an unacceptable risk. Comments are due by the end of the day so act fast, visit a website set up by We Agree No LNG and submit comments to the Department of State Lands.

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