Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weekly Action List

Weekly Action List 12/30/2010

Please take a few minutes to make your voice heard on these important issues.

WDFWs Fishing Mortatorium on the Elwha River.
The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has proposed to close the Elwha River to all fishing for 5 years following the removal of the dams. While the idea of closing the Elwha to protect early colonists of the river is good, 5 years is less than one full generation of steelhead and chinook. The state also plans to continue releasing nearly 60,000 chambers creek steelhead, more than 2 million hatchery chinook and 750,000 coho during the fishing moratorium. Releasing large numbers of out of basin hatchery fish which are released with the expressed purpose of supplementing harvest during the fishing moratorium is not only a waste of public funds, but fundementally threatens the ability of wild Elwha steelhead and salmon to successfully recolonize the upper river. Comments are due by Friday December 31st. More information:

Sandy Broodstock Programs
The Sandy River in the Lower Columbia is one of the most beloved rivers in Oregon and with relatively intact habitat and the removal of Marmot dam it offers a tremendous opportunity to recover wild steelhead. Instead, ODFW continues to operate three hatchery programs in the basin including a wild broodstock program which annually harvests between 10-15% of the wild run for egg take. This is inexcusable. Write ODFW and tell them you don't want them harvesting ESA listed wild fish to support harvest. More information:

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